The Caucasus Network for Social Research and Conflict Resolution

Linked with our presentation of Irina Yanovskaya – Georgia.

Implementing Partners: the Center for Regional Integration and Conflict Resolution (CRICR) in Yerevan, Armenia, the International Centre on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN) in Tbilisi, Georgia, the International Center for Social Research (ICSR) in Baku, Azerbaijan, and Laboratory of Ethnoconflictology, Department of Social Philosophy and Ethnology, Stavropol University, Russia.

(Excerpt): Project objectives

The objective of the two-year project is the strengthening and development of the regional conflictological network created in partnership with MacArthw Foundation. The project is aimed at:

a) strengthening of the present regional conflictological and social research network, and expansion of the area of its activities, b) enlargement of the network functions, c) increasing participation activities of university conflictological centers in the network.

The expansion of the area of activities will be realized by means of involving partners from Russian university centers of Northern Caucasus. The partnership with a group of conflictologists from Stavropol University has been primarily negotiated, which will be realized in the frame of the new project. The strengthening of the present regional conflictological network will take place through equipping the center-members of the present network and newly involved centers. In particular, it is planned to make additional expenditures for equipping Stavropol University center in order to provide technical base for its involvement in the network.

The active involvement of specialists-conflictologists in the work of the network on the object of discussion of newly received information, training specialists and practical activities on conflict resolution and prevention in the region will also favor the strengthening of the network. (Read more about on this project site).

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