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  • Humanium helps to eradicate child labour in India and improve the living conditions of the poorest people. International humanitarian organization for sustainable development, recognized for common public interest (homepage).

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Discover Humanium: Humanium is an international humanitarian relief organization for sustainable development. Humanium is humanist, non-political and non-confessional. Organized under Swiss Law, our organization is established on a non-profit basis and recognized for common public interest. 

  • Where? In South-East India.
  • Why? Everyday, 60 million children are put to work in India, of which 10 million are in servitude.  India is also home to the world‘s largest number of undernourished children.  We propose that, through sustainable development, each village can liberate itself from this malediction…!
  • How? Our relief programs aim to provide solutions to the causes of child labor. In order to obtain best results, our programs are purposed to be long-lasting in order to sustain development.

Our joint efforts focus on 6 pillars:

  • Education: We ensure that all children in a village enrol in school and we assist the most needy children to bring them up to speed for their respective classes.
  • Health: Humanium’s health programs allow access to basic health care, hygiene and drinking water.
  • Environment: Our environmental program aims to reduce the effects of pollution by raising awareness and implementing preventative measures, e.g., planting trees in the village.
  • Microfinance: Our microfinance programs help to reduce poverty. We empower people to become entrepreneurs, especially women. Granting access to micro-credit helps reduce illiteracy and increase employment.
  • Human Rights: Human Rights programs educate and raise awareness of individual rights, especially the rights of the child!
  • Participatory democracy: In order for the beneficiaries to become autonomous, responsible, and independent, we encourage everyone to become decision makers.  Also, access to means of information and communication is taught.

Our ethical commitment: Humanium leads its projects and reaches its objectives in an ethical and responsible way. Our most important goal is the protection and development of children.

Participatory organization: Humaniums encourages all members to participate from wherever they live in the world!

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