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helping poor and infant orphans

  • Orphans Smile promotes and provides a better life to the orphaned and the abandoned in developing countries a healthy, caring home. To meet this challenge we at Orphans Smile:
  • Raise funds in the form of Zakah, Fitrah, Sadaqah, etc., acquire goods, equipment or buildings required by the organization, and accept gifts of any real or personal property: … (full text Mission).

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About: Prophet Mohammad, upon whom be peace, had lost his father even before his birth, but eventually the natural voice of pity and humanity dwelling in his heart made him the refuge of orphans. It was the first time in history that orphanages sprung under his teaching. The world owes its orphanages to this prophet born an orphan.

The founder and chairman of the Orphans Smile project, Mohsen Bin Ahmed, too, is an Orphan. He has lived through the extreme of helplessness and suffered the miseries of life since his early years.

His father was a land-owner. Affluent and generous as he was, he looked after a lot of people including his relatives and neighbors. His family had a good time. But it was not to be. Destiny had something else in store. He passed away and left his children helpless.

Many of the relatives, who had once got benefited from the deceased, now ganged up against his widow and the orphaned children, one of whom was physically challenged and needed a lot of care. They succeeded to usurp their lands.

–Those who unjustly eat up the property of orphans, eat up a Fire into their own bodies: They will soon be enduring a Blazing Fire!” (Qur’an 4:8)–

Mr. Mohsen recalls those days: “The hardship we had was unimaginable and heart breaking. It was difficult to have food on the table; we were reduced to eat the bread crumbs of our cousins.”

How cruel mankind can be!

He further adds: “With the grace of Allah, we survived and have our land back after twenty years of trial in courts, a much delayed justice. We have no desire for any revenge, though. My mother has brought us up to believe in Allah, has taught us to fear Him, and has always urged us to support the orphaned.”

The harsh experiences and hardships he has suffered from and his mother’s unwavering faith has been the inspiring force for the founder of this great project.

The Chairman’s Pledge: … (full text).

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