Lao literature (in English and Lao)

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Douangdeuane Bounyavong is the head of Dokked Publishing and bookstore in Vientiane. Established in May 2002 (address: 68 Thanon Luang Prabang, Ban Sithane Neua, Muang Sikhottabong, (PO Box 230), Vientiane, Laos).

Dokked Publishing Co Ltd offers graphic design, web design, advertising, publishing, editing and translation services, as well as being Vientiane’s leading literary bookseller. Works published by Dokked include Legends in the Weaving, a full-colour book about the art of making silk textiles and the different techniques and patterns of various ethnic groups written by Dara Kanlaya, Douangdeuane Bounyavong and Kiyoko Yasui; the Association for Sending Picture Books to Lao Children (ASPB)’s Lao Animal Stories in Pictures; Fa Pin, a collection of short stories (in Lao) by Dara Kanlaya; Lao History from Ancient Times to 1946 (in Lao); Who is the Teacher? (in Lao); Missing Outhine Bounyavong 1942-2000 (in Lao); My Life: Autobiography of Maha Sila Viravongs (in Lao and English); and When Mother was in Prison (in Lao and English) by Douangdeuane Bounyavong and Inkiane Dejvongsa. Run by the family of renowned Lao scholar Maha Sila Viravongs, Dokked is also the point of contact to arrange a visit to the Maha Sila Viravongs Library outside Vientiane.

Her most recent work is in the dissemination of Lao literature (in English and Lao) for use in public education in Laos : Bounyavong Douangdeuane, A comparative study on the political ideology expressed in the Thao Hung Thao Cheaung epic, with reference to local chronicle of Lao-Thai groups , Tokyo: Institute of Asian Cultures , Sophia University, 1995.

Note: Douangdeuane Bounyavong is also Director of the Mahasila Viravong Memorial Library, which had opened to the public in December, 2004.

Book: Legends in the weaving;



Association for Asian Studies;


Association for Sending Picture Books to Lao Children (ASPB), Laos;

Children’s Education Development Centre;

Cildrens Cultural Center

Ho Thaen Taeng – Lao Textile Gallery.

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