Peace of the Actions

the only way to peace is through the people – be part of history

A one page site leading to articles around peace and action on Voters for Peace US (also on our NGO blog).


Participate to our Pledge: I pledge to join over 1000 people in nonviolent actions in Washington DC to clog up the empire and support peace of the action … put your e-mail in the pledge-window and click ‘pledge’.

Two of many articles:


We’ve marched, written, called and faxed but the wars continue. It is time for new creative strategies and bolder action. Peace of the Action will bring forward an historic escalation of Peace Activism like we have not seen in the United States in a very long time. We cannot allow business as usual go on in the Capital of the American Empire. On a daily basis, Peace of the Action will perform courageous deeds of civil resistance until our demands are met … (full text).

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