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NGO-NET is a Non Governmental Organisation founded in 1998, based in France. Its mission is to support the Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and Community Based Organisations (CBO), particularly in Africa. To reach this aim NGO-NET will use one main tool : the Internet to be able to:  

  • Foster local, regional and international co-operation in the sector
  • Foster information exchange among those NGOs
  • Foster communication between those NGOs and the “North” organisations.

… (full text Mission).

NGO-NET was born in November 1997. An initiative from Arnaud Ventura, the project attracted quickly an international team thus benefiting from various experienses. During the first semester 1998, some team members organised field-mission for NGO-NET, towards the NGOs of Kenya. Those missions confirmed the interest of those organisations for such a project and the decision was taken to launch a first pilot project for autumn 98 in East Africa, Kenya.

During this initial preparation phase, NGO-NET got a great number of suggestions to extend the project in other African countries either for an expansion in East Africa or for a start in West Africa. Thus NGO-NET team decided to extend as soon as possible NGO-NET concept to the rest of Africa and to other regions of the world. NGO-NET Africa idea was born … (full text History).

Participate /Join Us: You would like to participate in our initiative, you can become :

  • A member of our International Partners Network;
  • A member of our NGO Consultative Group;
  • A member of our team to expand the project or work with us on the current one.

We are looking for partners. NGO-NET partners are Organizations wishing to take part in a North-South Cooperation. They can be international organizations, Non Governmental Organizations or private companies (ISP, Consulting groups) wishing to support an initiative whose purpose is to provide access to information and to communication to NGOs that often are not able to use it or do not have access.

Non Governmental Organisations can participate in the project by joining our consultative groups of NGOs. This network will follow NGO-NET activities and will aim at orientate it by its advices and comments. It could also be the engine of the installation of NGO-NET in a new country.

We are looking for team members. If you are interested by the project you can take part in it through several ways. You can support us by your suggestions and advices or you can support us by being an active member and take part in the project implementation.

You can also be an innovative team member, wishing to develop the project in another region of the world, we are also open to this possibility and are ready to support this kind of initiative … (full text Participate).

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