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Welcome to the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies, founded in 1991 and part of the College for Interdisciplinary Studies. The Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies is the home as well of the Centre for Race, Autobiography, Gender and Age (RAGA) whose Director is Sunera Thobani. We also share our building and work closely with the undergraduate Program in Women’s Studies, whose Chair is Wendy Frisby, situated in the Faculty of Arts. Before the Graduate Program began in 2000, the Centre’s activities consisted primarily of co-ordinating and profiling feminist work throughout the campus and of networking across British Columbia, Canada and globally to ensure that UBC was better known for its record of feminist initiatives and that the UBC community better understood the diverse needs and resources pertinent to feminist scholarship … (full text Homepage).

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The Master Program: … Welcome to graduate work in Women’s Studies, a field that has pioneered interdisciplinary studies for several decades as well as forging strong links between the University and the wider community. 

We have a young, vibrant graduate program that attracts excellent students from around the world to work on topics as diverse as ways in which Muslim women’s identity is constructed and Muslim feminists represented, to art, social justice and identity in the classroom.

Student Research Profiles.

The Program is administered by the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies, situated within the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Centre has approximately 90 Faculty Associates from departments and programs throughout the University. Students may draw on their expertise when seeking research supervisors and committee members. Faculty Associates’ interests and expertise cover a wide range of areas such as Gender and Development, Lesbian and Gay Studies, Gender and Cultural Studies (including Asia), Women in Canadian history and Literature (in English and French), issues related to Women’s Health, and Feminist Legal Studies.


All Canadian and international applicants are considered for Graduate Student Initiative (GSI) scholarship funding.  Separate application is not required.  The Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies allocates this funding to incoming graduate students on the basis of academic excellence.

Other sources of funding include Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships, and Graduate Academic Assistantships. These are also assigned during the admissions process.

Students admitted to the Program who have a first class average in their two previous years of study will be eligible to apply for a UBC Affiliated Fellowship. Application is made in October of the year admitted and awards are taken up the following September.

The competition for SSHRC doctoral and master’s fellowships also takes place in the fall with departments coordinating applications. For further information about Affiliated Fellowships, SSHRC, and other sources of funding, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards and Financial Aid page.

Prospective applicants who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and currently in an undergraduate program may be able to apply for a SSHRCC Master’s Canada Graduate Scholarship through their home institution.

Program Requirements: … (full long text).

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