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(of Winrock International WI) – Community-based Innovations to Reduce Child Labor through Education CIRCLE (also in french)

Welcome to the CITCLR project. CIRCLE has been working since 2002 to reduce and prevent child labor by promoting education and awareness-raising locally-initiated projects all over the world. Since then, the following impacts have been noted: … (full text english Homepage).

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About: Project Rationale: An estimated 218 million children around the world are caught up in work situations that put their lives at risk, violate international core labor standards, and negatively impact their futures (1).

Communities around the globe face this problem on a daily basis. Child labor traps the most vulnerable sector within society in a vicious cycle. Children are unable to break the chains associated with this problem due to both economic and social factors. The CIRCLE project aimed at preventing child labor at the grassroots level by funding community-based non-governmental organizations that were equipped to respond to the problem through innovative educational initiatives.

Project Focus:

The project focused on financing projects that were able to contribute directly to one or more of the following objectives as established by the United States Department of Labor/International Child Labor Program:

  • Strengthen formal and non-formal education systems that enable working children and those at risk to attend school and provide data on enrollment, persistence, transition and completion of school programs;
  • Raise awareness of the importance of education for all children and the hazards of child labor;
  • Strengthen national and local institutions and policies to address education and child labor; and
  • Ensure sustainability and/or replicability as documented by designing monitoring and measuring techniques for tracking numbers and stories reflecting educational persistence, completion and prevention of child labor for at-risk children.

Global Perspective:

Winrock sponsored two additional rounds of solicitations for Community-based innovations. Winrock used its worldwide field presence and networks, and worked in spheres around three project bases in Africa ( Mali) with a sub-regional hub in Kenya, Asia ( Nepal) with a sub-regional hub in the Philippines, and Latin America ( Brazil). To ensure global diversity of awardees, Winrock also compiled and documented Best Practices that reflected global educational innovations to address the problem of child labor. The countries that had projects included:

  • Africa: Mali (hub), Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Senegal, and Morocco.
  • Asia: Nepal (hub), Philippines (sub-regional hub) Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • Latin America: Brazil (hub), Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

If a country is not listed above, please go to the Expression of Interest and Guest Book so that we may be able to document this interest to share with the US Department of Labor for possible inclusion as a target country for the next round of funding.

CIRCLE Management and Staffing: … (full text).


(1) International Labour Office. The end of child labour: Within reach. Global report under the follow-up to the ILO declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work. Geneva: International Labour Office, 2006.

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