Nouvelle Planète (New Planet)

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Nouvelle Planète grew out of the project to add an extension to the Albert Schweizer hospital in Lambaréné (Gabon). Willy Randin, Switzerland, was its founder. In 1986, given the success of “Sahel Action of Schweizer’s Work”, it was decided to extend activities to Haiti, then to the Amazon, while continuing with Sahel-based projects with the CEAS. At that point, the name of the organization was changed to “Nouvelle Planète”.

Philosophy: “Nouvelle Planète” is based on the ethics of Albert Schweizer, who said: “I am life wanting to live with life that wants to live”. This ethical position implies a respect for all forms of life inasmuch as it is possible. A balance between humans, animals and plants ensues. “Nouvelle Planète” embraces political, economic and religious neutrality. It works with groups in the South and the North, starting from their own initiatives, from their knowledge and their know-how. (Read more on this page of Nouvelle Planète). And down of this same page see the presentation of its Team.

Sme presentation of Nouvelle Planète in french.

Nouvelle Planète is a non-profit organization founded on Albert Schweitzer’s examples, ideas and ethics; it is strictly neutral in religion and politics, and works to support small practical projects in countries in the southern hemisphere, setting up direct relations between people in the North and the South, so as to help people help themselves. (Read more on wikipedia).

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