Committee for defense of the Iranian Peoples Right – for Human Rights, Democracy, Peace and Justice

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  • CODIR was established in 1981 by a group of British labour and trade union activists in collaboration with Iranian democrats living in exile in the UK.
  • The main aim of the organisation since its inception has been to provide truthful and unbiased information and analysis about the reality of life in Iran.
  • CODIR campaigned against the eight year fratricidal Iran-Iraq war. It has also worked hard against the brutal suppression of human rights and other abuses committed by the regime in Iran … (about 1/2).

CoDIR says; Action; News, analysis; Iranian Labor; Sensorship Iran; Women; Youth; Archive;
Address: B.M.CODIR, London, WC1N 3XX, UK;
Contact: e-mail1, and e-mail2.

About 2/2: … CODIR campaigns have won the support of many progressive MPs, MEPs, trade unions and Trades Councils. CODIR enjoys the widest support amongst trade unions in the UK with UNISON, FBU, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union, USDAW, BECTU, the Scottish TUC, TGWU London region, Scottish TGWU and Scottish UNISON being on the list of its affiliates for many years.

CODIR has published Iran Today, its quarterly journal, since 1981, explaining the latest developments in Iran and the most effective way that the British public opinion could demonstrate its solidarity with the people of Iran. CODIR also publishes Press Releases about important events in Iran or about Iran.

In recent years CODIR has worked closely with Stop the War Coalition and has been vocal against any form of foreign intervention in the internal affairs of the nation. CODIR representatives spoke from the platform of the rally in Trafalgar Square at the 18th March Stop the War demonstration. It also took part in the annual conference of the Stop the War Coalition on 10th June in London.

Amongst CODIR’s supporters are Tony Benn, Rodney Bickerstaff (former General Secretary of UNISON), Ken Cameron (former General Secretary of FBU) and Louise Richards (former Chair of the International Section of UNISON).

Officers of CODIR: … (full text).

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