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Genocide Intervention Network (GI-NET) empowers individuals and communities with the tools to prevent and stop genocide. Our members envision a world in which the global community is willing and able to protect civilians from genocide and mass atrocities. The Genocide Intervention Network is mobilizing a permanent anti-genocide constituency that lobbies our leaders for substantial action, and creates a political cost for those officials who fail to take these necessary actions … (about /Mission 1/2).

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About /Mission 2/2: … In the past, the United States and the international community have failed to prevent and stop genocide because of a lack of political will in our elected officials and among our citizens. There has been no political consequence for our leaders if they did not take action.

GI-NET’s theory of change is based on the recognition that a diverse cross-section of the world’s population cares deeply about ending and preventing genocide, regardless of where it might occur. It is this constituent pressure that can make genocide prevention an important and relevant political priority for elected officials and policymakers.

Our innovative tools and programs provide citizens with the resources to educate, organize, and advocate in their communities. By investing heavily in individuals and empowering them to be local leaders on their campuses and in their communities, GI-NET provides hands-on opportunities for citizens of the world to make genocide prevention a domestic political issue. We believe that if given the tools, all citizens of the global community can become daily active upstanders against genocide.


GI-NET’s founders believed that private contributions in support of peacekeepers in Darfur, Sudan, the site of the twenty-first century’s first genocide, could strengthen the protection of civilians and inspire policymakers to take action. With the help of endorsers, GI-NET established a landmark program which allows average Americans to have a direct impact on the ground where genocide is occurring, by helping to fund civilian protection projects. GI-NET has developed several unique projects in Darfur that improve the safety of women and girls in refugee camps in North Darfur, and is expanding the program to protect civilians in other mass atrocity zones, including Burma. In the long term, we believe empowering individuals to stand against genocide will build the political will necessary for the international community to recognize its responsibility to protect the victims of genocide and mass atrocities.

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