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To foster a sustainable global society founded on the principles of respect for the Earth and life in all of its diversity, economic and socoial justice, and a culture of peace and non-violence in accordance with the principals setout in the Earth Charter … (about /Vision 1/2).

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Address: Headquarters, Earth Council Alliance, 1220 Rosecrans St. #418, San Diego, California, 92106, USA;

About 2/2: … Earth Council Alliance (ECA) supports Earth Councils and other people and organizations committed to sustainability initiatives and preserving the world for today’s peoples and future generations.

As an international organization, we are a non-government organization (NGO) incorporated in Switzerland. ECA supports autonomous Earth Councils founded during the last decade in with the goal of accelerating progress in achieving sustainability goals as they are framed in the Earth Charter, Agenda 21, and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recognizing its international character and scope, ECA is being incorporated as a Swiss foundation in Geneva, and has established offices in San Diego, California, and Beijing, Peoples Republic of China …

… Our goal is to foster increased awareness of sustainability achievements, problems and pragmatic solutions around the world. Our programs are designed to optimize access and cooperation across sectors, issues, and regions to deploy best practices. We seek to provide a platform for leaders at the grassroots and national levels to work together in solving problems and seizing opportunities outside the confines of traditional bureaucracies. With a clear understanding of the environmental challenges faced by present and future generations, the ECA will foster a global culture of active communication and collaboration among multiple constituencies and sectors. (full text).

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