In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies

  • The Forum for Stable Currencies is a voluntary initiative of concerned citizens and Parliamentarians – independent of race, religion or political party.
  • It was founded in 1998 by Lord Sudeley and Sabine K McNeill by initiating public meetings at the House of Lords … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Its archive site reports the programme of international speakers addressing monetary reform, problems encountered by ‘bank victims’ and solutions – from grassroots to governments – via banks and central banks. In the House of Commons, Early Day Motions addressed ‘public’, ’social’ or ‘green’ credit. 

One of the Forum’s off-springs is the Global Table hosted every Wednesday at Friends House by retired Canon Peter Challen.

At the House of Lords, the last meeting was addressed by Aubrey Meyer on the links between the ‘money fuse’ and the ‘climate bomb’ in September 2005.

At St. James’s Piccadilly, Aubrey gave his moving audio-visual presentation to the audience that had come to hear Nobel Peace prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus on “Creating a World without Poverty – Social Business and the Future of Capitalism” on February 16th, 2008.

This blog will accompany news and events that relate to the spirit of Forum meetings: addressing problems and focussing on solutions – preferably those we can achieve ourselves and with each other – for, as Dr. Yunus says in the first chapter of his book: institutions have failed us and are notoriously slow and inefficient. But ‘Social Business‘ can influence the future of capitalism – especially if banking is carried out ‘usury-free’ and as ’social business’!

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