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  • Welcome to the website of PROSPERITY, a monthly Money Reform journal based in Glasgow, Scotland, which is dedicated to spreading understanding about the nature of our debt-based money system, and campaigning for publicly-created debt-free money.
    What is Money Reform? Money Reform (sometimes called, Monetary Reform) highlights the fact that our economy today is “debt-based”, meaning that virtually all money is supplied into the economy as a debt owed to the private banking system. We are reliant upon this banking system for the supply of almost all our means of exchange … ( full text Intro).

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The Broomsgrove Group: The first meeting of the Bromsgrove Group was held in October 1997. Its purpose was to bring together, in loose association, people concerned about a variety of social, religious, environmental, academic, and ecological issues … 

… but who are united in a belief that the supply of money into the economy represents the root cause of their shared concerns. It is an opportunity to meet, network, discuss issues of vital importance based around reform of the money system, and to develop projects to promote our solutions.

Although we came together from many diverse viewpoints, we are united in realising that the supply of money into the economy is the big issue that governs all the issues and without a solution, all attempts at social and environmental reform are thwarted because governmental organs of influence and authority simply plead they have “no money”.

Prosperity advocates that the solution to this admission of economic inadequacy is a switch from funding mechanisms based on debt to funding mechanisms based upon the availability of people, skills and materials. This can most readily be achieved by direct Government creation of the funds necessary to take up the shortfall between what is socially and environmentally desirable, and what is being achieved through the current practice of borrowing from the banking system and not only borrowing, but borrowing with interest added!

We are up against a powerful banking lobby which knows very well what wealth and prestige has been garnered from its monopoly in the creation of money, and which will resist with a vast array of financial and other resources, any attempt to dislodge it from its lofty pedestal. Therefore we must educate and mobilise the public. We must generate grass-roots demand. We must convince our fellow citizens that Government can, and should, create money on our behalf.

The third annual meeting of the Bromsgrove Group was held towards the end of October 99, and the following is a list of initiatives represented at this successful event: … (full text).

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