Women’s Leadership Center, Brazil

Linked with our presentation of Rosiska Darcy de Oliveira – Brazil.

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The Inter-American Development Bank soustains the Women’s Leadership Center, Brazil (Nov 1996). The objective of this technical cooperation is to enhance the quality and effectiveness of women’s leadership and the ability of women to act as agents of change in all spheres of public and civil life in Brazil. The program will support the creation of a women’s leadership center that will train women in leadership skills and build a national network of women leaders.

The program will include components to: (a) establish the center; (b) design and execute a classroom and distance training program for participants from all parts of Brazil, representing a broad sample of women from different levels of society; (c) develop and implement an interactive electronic network with resource people and information regarding women’s issues; and (d) systematize and disseminate the program model within and outside Brazil.

The program will finance the purchase of program, dissemination materials, course supplies, equipment for the center, computer equipment (45 PCs), hardware and software, and library supplies (books and videos). (Read the rest on iadb).

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