Youthcare International

Linked with our presentation of Frederick Akhelumele – Nigeria.

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Youthcare International is a non-profit, charitable organization that has been established to promote education and vocational training among young Africans. In August 2002 Mr. Akhelumele purchased 5.4 Acres of land in Ebhebe Quarters – village located in Nigeria’s Edo State. There he began the construction of the first Youthcare International Education Centre. So far three buildings are under construction and have now reached an advanced stage of development. This will serve as a model for subsequent projects which Youthcare International will establish throughout the African continent. (Read more on this page).

And: We are in need of volunteers who would like to help at the Ebhebe Education Centre. If You have some training in the following areas please contact us. Child Education; Computer Training; Music Education; Health Care; Farming; Carpentry; Sewing and Fashion Designing. (See here).

“With the support of private persons, such as Landeshauptmann Waltraud Klasnic, Lions Club Graz, junior high school Hausmannstätten, Caritas Graz, for example, was it possible to finish the elementary school in Ebhebe Uromi and we are able to open the school in September. Unfortunately, we are still need of your assistance to enable us purchase school chairs and tables for our students and teachers. To buy desks and tables and to open the school we need an amount of € 2.400,–. Please visit our Gallery to see what we have done”, Youthcare International writes on its web.


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