Index January 2010

2010-01-01: Earth Council Alliance ECA;
2010-01-01: Genocide Intervention Network GI-NET;
2010-01-02: European Network on Dept and Development EURODAD;
2010-01-02: Disasters Emergency Committee DEC;
2010-01-03: Save Darfur;
2010-01-03: STAND;
2010-01-03: In the Spirit of the Forum for Stable Currencies;
2010-01-04: The Group of 77 at the UN;
2010-01-04: Aaranyak;
2010-01-04: Prosperity UK;
2010-01-05: Free Gold Monetary Report FGMR;
2010-01-05: American Monetary Institute AMI;
2010-01-05: Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform COMER;
2010-01-06: Ability Foundation;
2010-01-06: The SANGOnet ICT Discussion Forum (Thetha);
2010-01-06: Southern African NGO Network SANGOnet;
2010-01-07: Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation;
2010-01-07: AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power ACT-UP;
2010-01-07: The CODE for Global Ethics;
2010-01-08: Action for Good Governance and Networking in India AGNI;
2010-01-08: Media Matters – Media Fact Check;
2010-01-08: Global Issues;
2010-01-09: Center for Health and Gender Equity CHANGE;
2010-01-09: Global AIDS Alliance;
2010-01-09: Water Aid – International Site;
2010-01-10: FiledBy;
2010-01-10: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria;
2010-01-10: AID INDIA – Action in Disabilities India;
2010-01-11: Transition US;
2010-01-11: Post Carbon Institute;
2010-01-12: – Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India ARDSI;
2010-01-12: African Internet Connectivity;
2010-01-12: Malaria Foundation International MFI;
2010-01-13: Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia BABSEA;
2010-01-13: South East Asia Clinic Talk;
2010-01-13: Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS NAP+;
2010-01-14: Responsible Investor RI;
2010-01-14: CSR Europe – The European business network for CSR;
2010-01-14: Disabled Peoples’ International DPI;
2010-01-15: Advocates for Youth;
2010-01-15: Association of Reproductive Health Professionals ARHP;
2010-01-15: AIKYA;
2010-01-16: Women’s Net – South Africa;
2010-01-16: Jet Education Services;
2010-01-16: Lawyers for Human Rights LHR;
2010-01-17: Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit RHRU;
2010-01-17: Soul City Institute for Health & Development Communication;
2010-01-17: Street Law Project;
2010-01-18: ACV-CSC, a democratic trade union;
2010-01-18: Restore Fairness;
2010-01-18: Health GAP – Health Global Access Project;
2010-01-19: Domestic Violence Resource Centre Vic DVRCV;
2010-01-19: When Love Hurts;
2010-01-19: Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse MINCAVA;
2010-01-20: Steve Biko Foundation, South Africa;
2010-01-20: Anti-Privatisation Forum APF;
2010-01-20: African Forum and Network on Debt and Development AFRODAD;
2010-01-21: Medecins sans Frontiere MSF – Doctors without Borders;
2010-01-21: Time Money Institute for Global Harmony;
2010-01-21: AIDS Consortium AC, South Africa;
2010-01-22: International Simultaneous Policy Organisation;
2010-01-22: End Violence Against Women, Information and Resources;
2010-01-22: Partners in prevention end domestic abuse;
2010-01-23: National Clearinghouse on Family Violence NCFV;
2010-01-23: Springtide Resources;
2010-01-23: Treatment Action Campaign TAC;
2010-01-24: Family Violence Prevention Fund FVPF;
2010-01-24: Human Rights Institute of South Africa HURISA;
2010-01-24: Centre for Research, Planing and Action CERPA, India;
2010-01-25: Indian Association of Social Science Institutions IASSI;
2010-01-25: Centre for Organisation Development COD;
2010-01-25: Planact;
2010-01-26: Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action GALA;
2010-01-26: Women’s;
2010-01-26: Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation;
2010-01-27: Scottish Left Review SLR;
2010-01-27: Oxford Research Group;
2010-01-27: Legal Resources Centre LRC;
2010-01-28: Crisis Action;
2010-01-28: Freedom of Expression Institute FXI;
2010-01-28: Forced Migration Studies Programme FMSP;
2010-01-29: British American Security Information Council BASIC;
2010-01-29: Network for Peace NfP;
2010-01-29: INTUTE;
2010-01-30: Campaign Against Arms Trade CAAT;
2010-01-30: European Network Against Arms Trade ENAAT;
2010-01-30: Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space – Space for Peace;
2010-01-31: Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development ZIMCODD;
2010-01-31: ELDIS;
2010-01-31: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament CND.


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