Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation

This Foundation shows no own website, but is named:

on NGO INDIA: Purpose: Education, Employment, Environment, Health, Micro-enterprises, Poverty, Rural Development, Sanitation, Training, Urban Development, Water, Women’s issues.
Aim/Objective/Mission: Our aim is integrated Development. We have a social base and human face. Our aim is to spread out in all the states in India and to reach out to the poor families, substantially increase their income and upgrade their Quality of Life. Development through education is our route. This can be achieved by empowerment of women, upgrading the skills of the youth through training. Watershed development healthcare and other activities which would benefit the community at large.

on KarmaYog: Tel 91-022-4469341; Fax 91-022-4452573; E-mail.
Address: Acil Navasarjan Rural Development Foundation, 409 New Udyog Mandir, No 2 Moghul lane, Mahim (West) – 400016, Maharashtra, India.

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