Assistance Association for Political Prisoners – Burma

Linked with our presentation of Khun Htun Oo – Burma.

Excerpts: … The AAPP has been assisting political prisoners and their families since we set up our association in March 2000. The AAPP has also been campaigning with international Burma groups for the release of all political prisoners. The AAPP is also systematically documenting the military regime’s oppression of democracy activists. According to our record, it is clear that the current military regime has been prejudicially cracking down on political organizations and activists in Burma … 80 ethnic political prisoners, more or less, who have been in prison since around 1983, during the time of the Burma Socialist Program Party led by General Ne Win, still remain in prison. Additionally, several political prisoners, who were arrested in 1988 or 1989, are still in prison … Such kinds of imprisonment are intended to set an example and indirectly threaten others in ceasefire groups not to speak out against the SPDC and the current NC. Now, when the MI warns activists not to criticize the current NC, they say to look at Khun Htun Oo and others as an example … (Read the rest of this 8 page pdf text).

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