Center for Health and Gender Equity CHANGE

  • CHANGE monitors policies and funding streams that affect women’s health and rights abroad by Shaping U.S. International Policy, and by Monitoring Implementation of U.S. Policy on the Ground.
  • We advocate for effective policy guidance and increased funding by the Executive and Legislative Branches, advocate for evidence-based operational strategies to be developed by key agencies, and monitor implementation of these policies and programs on the ground.
  • We use our fieldwork to provide policy makers and our core constituencies (women’s, health, rights groups) with information on the implications of policies and funding streams for health and rights, and make recommendations based on these findings to advocate for needed changes … (Program /our work).

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Address: Center for Health and Gender Equity, 1317 F St. NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20004, USA;

About /Mission: The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) is a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization whose mission is to ensure that U.S. international policies and programs promote sexual and reproductive health within a human rights framework of women and girls worldwide.

We envision a world where sexual and reproductive health and rights are universally recognized and sexual and reproductive health care is accessible and available to all.

CHANGE works to ensure that U.S. foreign policy accurately considers the linkages between HIV/AIDS, family planning, reproductive health, violence against women and stigmatization of vulnerable populations.

CHANGE advances its mission by monitoring the impact of U.S. policies and programs overseas, and advocating for effective, evidence-based policies and increased funding for critical HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and family planning programs.

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