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Peace Journalism is an independent monthly e-magazine, registered in New Jersey. Chief Editor: Kamala Sarup. They write: Peace Media believes in a free press and is an independent e-magazine. Peace Media will be happy to accept any criticism, suggestions, help or contributions from freelancers. Peace Media advocates for Peace, Human security, and true Democracy. No one can impose on us or force us to publish any article or interview that is essentially propaganda against human security or national security.

Peace Media e-magazine is founded on the belief that educating people on conflict resolution is an important step in reducing world turmoil. We believe that the role of the media is to raise a voice against injustice and fight violence. We support peace, democracy and development in societies undergoing crisis and change. We also believe that the media play a strong role during the peace negotiation and social reconstruction processes. Peace Media strengthens journalism in all areas of conflict. Its activities include training and dialogue with members and readers and providing information to media professionals.

To implement these objectives, we perform research on peace and conflict resolution, conduct a regular media watch to analyze mainstream and alternative media, and network with allied organizations around the world. We develop and disseminate information on the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts through meetings, written articles and research. Peace Media publication requires your help.

Peace Media welcomes unpublished editorial submissions from freelance writers. Varieties of writing styles are invited. All submitted articles must be unpublished sent electronically via e-mail in Plain Text.

If journalist or writers have not heard from us within 5 days, Journalist or writers feel free to submit their article elsewhere. Until then, we will assume the article has been submitted exclusively to us. We encourage you to volunteer your suggestions, information, and articles.

Please do this by sending an email message to the editor, Kamala Sarup. We hope to work together always. (Read the rest of this website on the Editorial Board).

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