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Founded in 2003, Post Carbon Institute is leading the transition to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world. Post Carbon Institute provides individuals, communities, businesses, and governments with the resources needed to understand and respond to the interrelated economic, energy, and environmental crises that define the 21st century. We envision a world of resilient communities and re-localized economies that thrive within ecological bounds … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … what we do: Climate change, the end of cheap fossil fuels, and our growth-dependent global economy are creating challenges of a scale and complexity never before seen. These unprecedented challenges call for wholly new approaches. 

Post Carbon Institute has gathered 28 of the world’s leading experts to point the way forward through a systems oriented, interdisciplinary, and collaborative approach. Through strong partnerships with the Transition Initiative movement and other leading innovators, we work to transform lives and communities through a powerful combination of integrated thinking and replicable direct action. These symbiotic relationships among on-the-ground leaders and grassroots organizers provide the opportunity to immediately implement and test generated ideas and strategies.

The Institute has developed a number of programs and initiatives that further its mission. Visit our programs page to learn more.

The challenges:

An explosion in human population and consumption–fed by cheap, abundant energy–has brought previously unimaginable advances in health, economies, transport, and communications. But this growth has come with an equally unimaginable cost. We now find ourselves in a world of declines, including:

  • food production
  • biodiversity and habitats
  • economic activity
  • global oil, natural gas, and coal production
  • climate stability
  • fresh water and fish stocks

Like it or not, we are here. All of the environmental debts for society’s century-long industrial fiesta are coming due at the same time, and at a moment when the world is reeling from a profound global economic crisis.

The converging challenges of energy scarcity, climate change, resource depletion, and economic collapse mean that we have just one last chance to put ourselves on a path towards true sustainability. These times will test our courage, capacity, and commitment. These are also exciting times, when broken paradigms can be discarded and communities grounded in deeper relationships. Many families and communities have already begun the journey toward low-consumption, equitable sustainability. We hope you join us.

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