The Huairou Commission

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June 12-16, 2006, Grassroots Academy, Women Building Communities Amid Rapid Urbanization and Decentralization, Vancouver, Canada. Contact Sandy.

June 19-23, 2006, World Urban Forum , Vancouver, BC, Canada. Contact Marnie, or Nola Kate.

For both see also this Website, or also this mail Info.

Download two pdf texts: past, present and future, and partnership.

The Huairou Commission was created:

To promote the institutional transformation needed to engender local community development and governance. To develop and implement a global plan of action to ensure accountability of governments and international agencies to the commitments made to grassroots women (national to global). To strengthen and promote ongoing dialogue, strategic alliances and power-sharing among grassroots women, local authorities, parliamentarians, private sector representatives, academics, policy makers, and their associated networks (local to global).


To strengthen the capacity, resource position, and collaboration of local women’s organizations and their affiliated regional and global networks. To build and share a knowledge base of methods women have pioneered to create strengthen and sustain families and communities. To devise, disseminate and evaluate peer learning methods for horizontal technical assistance and up-streaming knowledge and information.


To increase grassroots women’s participation in the decision-making processes impacting their lives with a special focus on political participation. To disseminate tools and organizing approaches that enable grassroots women to assume a broader range of leadership roles at all levels, local, national, regional and global. To develop regional capacity to train grassroots women to utilize global and international development frameworks (e.g. Beijing Platform of Action, Agenda 21, the Habitat Agenda, Johannesburg Plan of Implementation, and the Millennium Development Goals-MDGs) as advocacy tools for poverty alleviation, participatory and responsive governance and human centered sustainable development community development.

Since its inception, the Huairou Commission has used two organizing strategies:
1. coalition-building and networking across networks and
2. forging strategic partnerships for education, advocacy, policy dialogue and program alliances.

(See all this and much more on The Huairou Commission).



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