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Typically Alzheimer’s Disease begins with lapses of memory, difficulty in finding the right words for everyday objects or swinging mood. Mild symptoms may be a natural effect of ageing, but in Alzheimer’s Disease a pattern of problems emerges over six months or more. As it progresses the person may:

  • Routinely forget recent events, appointments, names and faces and have difficulty in understanding what is being said, become confused when handling money, driving a car or using a washing machine.
  • Undergo personality changes, appearing no longer to care about those around them, and becoming irritable or apathetic, suffer mood swings and burst into tears for no apparent reason, or become convinced that someone is trying to harm them … (full text What is Alzheimer).

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Address: ARDSI National Administrative Office, Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India, Guruvayur Road, P.B.No. 53 Kunnamkulam – 680 503, Kerala, India.

The man behind: It was the personal traumatic experience of caring his father late Rev. O.C. Kuriakose Kor Episcopa, that led Dr. Jacob Roy, a Paediatrician by profession, to turn zealously to form a society for the care and support of people affected with dementia. 

Even in late 80’s none of the medical centres in the country were in a position to offer any significant help to those affected.

In 1991, Tropical Health Foundation of India, a registered Charitable Society, working for the disabled, took the initiative at the instance of Dr. K. Jacob Roy and late Maj. A.V. Thomas (Rtd.) to organize, the first National Seminar, on Dementia, on 16th and 17th November 1991 at the Renewal Centre in Cochin.

The seminar, attended by early 200 delegates from all over the country, unanimously decided to form a national organization for the welfare of people with dementia. They felt the growing need to create awareness about dementia and to initiate programmes, to provide support for the people affected and their families. Dr. Monty Barker, consultant Psychiatrist, University of Bristol, UK, delivered the keynote address. The notable speakers included Dr. Vijay Chandra, then Director of Central Aging and Research, New Delhi, Dr. Venkoba Rao from Madurai Medical College and Dr. Vinod Kumar, AIIMS, New Delhi.

The World Federation of National AD Societies and Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) awarded provisional membership for ARDSI in 1992, at the 8th annual Conference held in Amsterdam. Subsequently in 1993 ADI admitted ARDSI as a full member, thus becoming the first Afro-Asian Organisation to get this unique distinction.

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