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At Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) we envision a world where respect for human rights and human dignity are universally accepted and respected norms, where extreme poverty, social injustice and violence are relics of the past, and where human beings live in harmony with our ecosystem … (about 1/2 /Vision).

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Address: Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia, Cambodia Office, #144H, St. 143, BKK III, Phnom Penh, Cambodia;

About 2/2 /Mission /Goals /Countries: … Our Mission: Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia (BABSEA) is an international grassroots organization working to bring people together to overcome poverty, injustice and inequity in the Southeast Asia region.

We are building bridges across borders by:

  • Raising global awareness of the pressing issues facing people in Southeast Asia
  • Facilitating people-to-people and educational exchanges, cross-cultural dialogue, and volunteer programs
  • Supporting local struggles for social justice, equitable development and the protection of human rights
  • Teaching creative, non-violent methods of resolving conflict and redressing injustice.

Our Goals:

Through our various programs, collaboration with our partners, and the generous support and sponsorship of many individuals, organizations and community groups we strive to achieve the following:

  • Build cooperative relationships and raise awareness through the coordination of exposure trips, internships, volunteer and sponsorship programs
  • Empower poor and marginalized communities through grassroots legal education, advocacy training, and support of community organizing and networking
  • Reduce poverty and strengthen peace through the cultivation of community-based, cooperative development initiatives
  • Build local capacity through the establishment and support of formal and informal education programs
  • Facilitate and support the development of social justice-oriented university legal clinics
  • Protect the rights and dignity of vulnerable children through the establishment and support of community-based child protection and education initiatives
  • Improve the human rights situation through advocacy for the prevention and redress of human rights violations and the promotion of the full enjoyment of human rights for all South East Asians.

Countries of Operation:

  • BABSEA is working in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam, implementing a wide variety of community development and capacity-building, child protection and education, transitional justice and community legal education initiatives.
  • Bridges Across Borders Southeast Asia BABSEA incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Florida in July 2008 and received its publicly-supported 501c-3 status in March 2009.

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