Network of African People Living with HIV/AIDS NAP+

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NAP+ is a pan African network of African peoples living with HIV and AIDS. The Network of African People Living with HIV and AIDS (NAP+) was founded in 1994 with the aim to improve the quality of life of African people; men ,women and children living with HIV and AIDS. NAP+’s strategy is to ensure a strong voice of people living with HIV/AIDS and their visibility … (about 1/2 /Introduction).


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Address (1 of 7): NAP+ Central Secretariat, P.O. Box 9389, 00200, Nairobi, Kenya;

About 2/2 /Vision: … NAP+ wants a continent, indeed a world, in which women, men, children and youth living with and affected by HIV and AIDS enjoy dignity, rights, freedoms, opportunities and responsibilities without discrimination.


  • The mission of NAP+ is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS, through strengthening national networks and associations of people living with HIV and AIDS, co-ordination, advocacy, and information sharing.


  • The dignity of people living with HIV and AIDS is affirmed and our right to a quality life is vigorously pursued
  • We, the members of NAP+, accept our obligations to the group and shared governance guides our behaviour for the common good
  • The well-being of each member is supported and service to others, both in and outside our Network, is encouraged
  • Freedom of expression, respect and civility are affirmed
  • The multi-cultural perspectives (religion culture etc) and the diversity of our membership are respected and celebrated
  • Our heritage as Africans is remembered and drawn upon in such a way that both tradition and change are embraced.

KEY FUNCTIONS – NAP+’s key functions are:

  • Leadership and co-ordination
  • Advocacy
  • Networking and partnership building
  • Capacity building
  • Communication, research and documentation


  • NAP+ is managed by a planning and management board comprising of regional representative from the six African sub-regions (North, East, West, Central, Southern and Indian Ocean Islands ).

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