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Survivors Associated is an NGO engaged in holistic care of survivors of armed conflict in Sri Lanka.

Survivors Associated (SA) was established in 1996 to conduct psychosocial development activities at grass roots level in conflict areas. It is now active in the districts of Mannar, Vavuniya, Batticaloa and Ampara. SA works in border villages, Government controlled areas, and in LTTE controlled areas through secondary school educated young people from the areas, who are trained to work within their communities as psychosocial caregivers and in peace building.


History: Survivors Associated was established in April 1996 following a series of Needs Assessment Surveys among Survivors of War in Mannar, and Kalmunai. A group of concerned citizens from all walks of life came together to commence this organization. 

With the sole aim of alleviating the marginalized population in the conflict-affected areas of the North and East, from their state of trauma and economic deprivation, SA,
since its inception in 1996, has committed itself to provide psychosocial services and developmental assistance, and continues this work unwaveringly.

Target Groups: Initially in 1996 the needs of female heads of households were identified as the prime need and, in the year 2001 it was decided to enlarge the target groups to include marginalized persons of all ethnic and religious cultures in war affected areas of the North and East. The target group now includes Female heads of house holds the handicapped, children, unemployed youth and elders.

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