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Responsible Investor provides institutional investors with a comprehensive online magazine and information resource which recognises the growing requirement to achieve investment returns within an environmental, social and corporate governance framework … (about 1/2 /Vision).

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Addresses: for Correspondence: RI, 30 Spalding Road, London SW17 9BW, UK;
Registered Office: RI, 4th Floor, Tuition House, 27/37 St George’s Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4EU, United Kingdom;

About 2/2: … Comments from market practitioners:  

  • “Responsible Investor provides an essential and invaluable one stop shop for information and updates on global developments in responsible investment.” David Russell, Co Head of Responsible Investment, Universities Superannuation Scheme (UK);
  • “Responsible Investor is a very useful publication, both in its news and analysis.” Antoine de Salins, member of the executive board, Fonds de Réserve pour les Retraites (France);
  • “Responsible Investor is quickly becoming a key source for facts and analysis about developments in responsible investment.” Michael Musuraca, Designated Trustee, New York City Employees Retirement Scheme (USA);
  • “Responsible Investor has become a real forum for investors and asset managers on the issues of SRI. For me personally, RI is a great source of information and updates on what is happening in the industry, with great insights on sustainability topics. We have been increasingly approached by institutional investors on SRI after they have come across your web site and read some of the materials and news published there.” Rositsa Shivacheva, ?Sustainable & Responsible Investment, Fortis Investments (Germany);
  • “I want to thank you for an interesting and informative site.” Christian Ragnartz, Chief Analyst, AP7 (Sweden).


  • Asset Owners: pension funds, public and government funds, central banks, endowments, foundations, charities, faith groups, family offices.
  • Financial Institutions: investment consultants, asset managers, insurance companies, commercial banks, private banks, investment banks, custodian banks, index providers.
  • Influencers: associations, governments, regulators, bureaucrats, NGOs, trades unions, supra-nationals, lawyers, lobbyists, the media etc.

The Monthly Magazine Delivered Weekly:

Our weekly email alert delivers a one-stop information resource for industry professionals. Uniquely, the monthly theme and features are sent weekly so readers receive a regular information stream throughout each month:

  • News: combining exclusive, proprietary news with the Round-up of key news and information from a wide range of media sources.
  • Monthly Themes: Unique evolving series of articles focusing on a key topic which takes shape and rolls out across each month.
  • Monthly Features: regular features rotating weekly: The Interview (incorporating 2minuteTV), Corporate Profile, Return on Investment, and Industry Spotlight.
  • Plus multiple links to The Resource…

For further information about editorial please e-mail Hugh Wheelan.

The Resource:

The Resource is a fully searchable database of people, institutions, products, research, webcasts, events, jobs, web links and more for the responsible investment community comprising: … (full text).

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