AIKYAs Vision is to enhance the quality of life of individuals with special needs through education and training to enable them to achieve their fullest potential and integrate them into the mainstream. (Homepage).

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Address: AIKYA, New No. 7, Old no. 1/1, Bhagirathi ammal Street, Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai 600 028, India;

About /History Of AIKYA: September 1989 saw the birth of AIKYA Recreation Centre, Setup to integrate Special Children with the normal Children. The centre first functioned once a week. With in four months, in January 1990, a regular Day Care Centre (Special School) was established.

Parents of babies from 3 months age are trained at AIKYA and programmes are charted out for them to carry out on their own at home. Progress of these babies is evaluated and further programming is given subsequently every two months.

AIKYA is also involved very actively is conducting seminars/workshops for dedicated workers/parents to equip the trainee in effectively handling special children. Field placement of postgraduate students of psychology of reputed colleges in chennai is also a regular feature at AIKYA.

To create awareness among the public, AIKYA has produced a number of video films on mental disabbilities. They have been well received at the state as well as national levels. AIKYA has also produced and marketed ‘AIKYA Greeting Cards’.

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