Jet Education Services

  • JET Education Services is an independent, non-profit organisation that works with government, the private sector, international development agencies and education institutions to improve the quality of education and the relationship between education, skills development and the world of work.
  • JET operates across the public education sector in South Africa, from Grade R through to Grade 12. The development and evaluation projects in which it is involved are focused in poor, marginalised and disadvantaged communities across the country … (full text Homepage).

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Addresses: Physical Address: 3rd Floor, Braamfontein Centre, 23 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, 2001, South Africa;
Postal Address: PO Box 178, WITS, 2050, South Africa;

About: History; In 1992, as the forebear of JET Education Services, the Joint Education Trust, which was set up, was a remarkable partnership. It brought together leaders from South Africa’s corporate world, from the country’s major political parties, the trade unions and representative organisations of black business … 

… A remarkable partnership:

At the time, when South Africa was on the cusp of a new democratic era, this was a groundbreaking initiative. It was pioneered by business visionary Mr Mike Rosholt who won the commitment from 14 leading South African companies to provide R500 million [more than R1 billion in today’s currency] towards solving one of the greatest challenges that the new democracy would face – the restructuring of the country’s education system, then rife with the inequalities imposed by the apartheid government.

This commitment was not wholly altruistic. Business knew that its future success would depend on well-educated management and a skilled labour force, and on building a relationship with the emerging new government.

Despite an initial air of distrust and suspected hidden agendas, after more than a year’s negotiations and debate, the African National Congress [ANC], the other political parties and the unions accepted the bona fides of business and the Trust Deed was signed … (full text about /History).

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