People-Centred Development in Action

Identity statement: Planact is a non-governmental development organisation working mainly in the urban areas of Gauteng. The organisation is committed to local development for the poor within an intergrated framework.
We aim for strategic interventions in the areas of local government transformation, and community development that can result in social upliftment.This we do through networking with like-minded organisations, training, technical advice and assistance, research and advocacy at policy levels … (full text Homepage).

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Addresses: Physical: 15th Floor, 209 Smit Street, Braamfontein, South Africa;
Postal: PO Box 30823, Braamfontein, 2017, South Africa;
Contact: Tel. (011) 403 6291, Fax. (011) 403 6982, e-mail.

About: Planact is the premier people-centred, community development organisation in Gauteng. We directly build the capacity of civil society to engage with government and become partners in development, targeting the most marginalized and disadvantaged communities. 

Very few organisations exist that provide capacity-building at a community level, even before a specific project may have been identified. Planact training and support helps people to build the skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for their communities.

We then continue to work with communities to facilitate or implement development projects, such as housing, services, or community facilities, in cooperation with government and other partners. Our values are communicated in the work that we do. Planact is committed to advancing the vision of a more just and equitable society, where discrimination based on race, gender, income, nationality, age, disability and HIV/AIDS status no longer exists.

In our interaction with community members and leaders, we work to ensure that women are empowered and become active leaders and respected participants in community structures and that they benefit from economic and housing opportunities created; we take a stand against xenophobia and racism, we seek to ensure that community organisations and government representatives are accountable to the people they represent. We display a commitment to HIV/AIDS awareness, and, in cooperation with organisations with expertise in this field, Planact is helping communities come to grips with issues around prevention of HIV infection and care of infected people, as well as the implications for the social and economic fabric.

Planact is an association not for gain incorporated under section 21, registration number 9401660/08. The organisation was established in 1985 as a voluntary association of professionals who came together to assist community organisations to propose and advocate for alternative development plans to those of the apartheid regime, and then to facilitate a civic voice in policy development processes during the transition to democracy. In 1994, Planact was formally registered as a section 21 company. Planact remained rooted in disadvantaged communities, and was heavily involved in policy development as the democratic government became established, but also extended its work into local government capacity-building. Planact continues its work today in the strong traditions it has established, in support of its mission: to support and mobilise community processes that enhance good governance at the local level to improve people’s habitable environment in ways that alleviate poverty..

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