Intermón Oxfam

Linked with our presentation of Achta Djibrine Sy – Chad.

Intermón Oxfam is a Spanish NGO, established in 1956. As a member of Oxfam International it works together with people in countries in the South to eradicate poverty and injustice. Intermón Oxfam is combining its efforts to those of the ten other member organisations of Oxfam International to achieve a greater effectiveness in its work.

Intermón Oxfam provides humanitarian assistance to disaster and conflict situations, encourages solidarity and respect for human rights, denounces the causes of poverty and promotes Fair Trade.

Diamonds/ Oil: Diamonds and oil are the main natural resources of Angola but also fuel the armed conflict that has been devastating the country for 30 years. Intermón Oxfam has worked in Angola since 1992. The resurgence of the conflict at the end of 1998 shifted our aid from development to humanitarian aid, but also marked the beginning of our advocacy work, with the participation of civil society, in demanding peace negotiations between UNITA and the MPLA government. Intermón Oxfam started research into internal and external factors fuelling the conflict. There is no doubt that Angola is a very good example of a war economy. Conflict diamonds have been the first focus of our campaign for peace in Angola. Oil will be the following target.

Angola is not the only reason we are involved in the Fatal Transactions campaign. Intermón Oxfam is working to eradicate poverty. Many countries that are involved in armed conflicts have enough resources to combat poverty. This is why we are working beside four other NGOs in this international campaign. (Read on Fatal Transation).

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