When Love Hurts

A Guide for Girls on Love, Respect and Abuse in Relationships – a project of the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Vic

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Counsellors can listen to you and give you support, ideas and information on what you could do. A domestic violence service can talk to you about abuse in relationships. A sexual assault or rape crisis service can support you if you have been sexually assaulted or raped by your boyfriend, or by anyone else. Most of these services can talk to you and provide support and information over the telephone, and will refer you to see a counsellor in person if you want to … (full text Services).

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Info: You might be confused about whether what’s happening to you is abuse. This info helps you understand the different kinds of abuse.  Abuse or violence in a relationship is about a pattern of behaviour that one person uses against another to intimidate them and to get them to do what they want. Abuse is not just physical violence. Emotional or sexual abuse can be just as harmful as physical violence. 

Research shows that in relationships, males are most likely to be the abusers, and females are most likely to be the victims. (see Statistics).

Females can also be abusive, in lesbian and in straight relationships (see Information for lesbians for more info).

Examples of these forms of abuse are:

  • emotional abuse: This is when your boyfriend or girlfriend puts you down, ignores you or calls you names. It may be about what you are wearing, or how you’re acting. They may want you to stop spending time with your friends and question you on every detail of what you’ve done without them. They may use jealousy or anger to intimidate you or to control your behaviour, or might deliberately humiliate you in front of others. They might try to manipulate you and make you feel wrong, inadequate or like you’re crazy. Another form of emotional abuse is if they threaten to hurt themselves or other people if you break up with them. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse.
  • Ana’s story or read more true stories
  • physical abuse: This involves physical acts such as hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, pulling your hair or choking you, or threatening to harm you in any way. It could involve using a weapon or an object to threaten or hurt you, smashing things or driving a car dangerously to frighten you. Hurting someone physically or threatening to hurt them is a criminal offence.
  • Eva’s story or read more true stories.
  • sexual abuse: … (full text).

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