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With over 800,000 members in every type of workplace the T&G is the UK’s biggest general union, and has a long and proud tradition of representing members in the workplace. (Read all about this on the Transport and General Workers’ Union).

TGWU-Press release on July 5, 2006: Disabled people shouldn’t be penalised for employer discrimination, the Transport and General Workers’ Union said today, as the Government published its welfare reform bill. (read all on

TGWU-Debate on July 5, 2006: Migrant workers amnesty needs debate – Jack Dromey, T&G Deputy General Secretary, today (Wednesday 5th July) called for a serious debate about irregular working, in rejecting the arguments of right wing think-tank Migrationwatch, who campaign against mass migration. Mr. Dromey called for irregular workers to become regularised, by way of an amnesty. They state: “Our country and economy needs migrant workers. Irregular working is part of our economy and we need a serious debate about how to tackle it”. – And: “Rather than criminalising irregular migrants, many of whom have lived and raised their families in the UK for years, we should establish a way for them to work and contribute legally.

If countries like the United States, Spain and Italy can have an amnesty, politicians wanting a sensible discussion should be prepared to consider its benefits”. – And: “The tone of Migrationwatch, a right wing think-tank, with their talk of the loss of ‘our traditional culture’ is deplorable. Migrant communities have strengthened our society and economy for centuries. Are they seriously suggesting we uproot half a million people, which is not only immoral, but would be at a cost of millions and take 25 years according to the government?” – And: “Regularising migrant workers is about advancing a practical, workable system. There are no easy answers, but an amnesty deserves a serious debate that aims to build a political consensus” … (Read all on

Excerpt: … The march towards merged “super-unions” means that two union chiefs could meet in a backroom and determine party policy, Sir Bill Morris, the former general secretary of the Transport and General Workers’ Union, says in an interview to be broadcast on ITV1. He calls on Labour to set up a commission to examine its links with the unions — both their funding of the party and their voting strength. The remarks from Sir Bill, who is to be elevated to the Lords next week, will be scrutinised because of his closeness to Gordon Brown. He tells the Sunday Programme on GMTV that if “we are renewing the Labour Party from a policy perspective, we’ve also got to ensure that the constitution is fit for purpose. I’m not sure that it [is] at the moment, given the march to mega-unions and megamergers.” On the evidence of recent Labour conferences, “it seems to me that trade unions have an agenda not to promote some of the policy issues, but merely to defeat the Government, defeat the platform” … (read more on TIMES online of June 10, 2006).

The Transport and General Workers’ Union, also known as the TGWU and the T&G, is one of the largest general trade unions in the United Kingdom and Ireland – where it is known as the Amalgamated Transport and General Workers’ Union (ATGWU) – with 900,000 members (and was once the largest trade union in the world). It was founded in 1922 … hereafter all General Secretaries of TGWU:

Ernest Bevin, 1922-1945
Arthur Deakin (acting), 1940-1945
Arthur Deakin, 1945-1955
Jock Tiffin, 1955
Frank Cousins, 1956-1969
Harry Nicholas (acting), 1964-1966
Jack Jones, 1969-1978
Moss Evans, 1978-1984
Ron Todd, 1985-1992
Bill Morris, 1992-2003
Tony Woodley, 2003-

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book: a history of british trade unionism;

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