Partners in prevention end domestic abuse

Partners in Prevention is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization committed to helping bridge healthcare delivery and domestic abuse victim advocacy. We are devoted to insuring that healthcare intervention and treatment for domestic violence survivors supports these patients in regaining their safety, health and well-being … (full text Homepage).

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Address: Jeanne King, Ph.D., Partners in Prevention, 13918 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012, USA;

About: The Inspiration for Partners in Prevention: Partners in Prevention grew out of Dr. Jeanne King’s desire to fill a healthcare provider need far too prevalent in the United States today. A need which when effectively addressed does the following:

  • a.helps victims/survivors of domestic abuse, and also,
  • b.bridges healthcare delivery and domestic abuse victim advocacy.

Subsequent to her own personal encounter with domestic abuse, Dr. King chose to let her experience inspire her to help others. She shifted her professional focus from bio-behavioral medicine to domestic abuse intervention and prevention.

Dr. King became a professional speaker, addressing audiences coast-to-coast, and discovered healthcare professionals had the greatest thirst and need with respect to training in domestic abuse intervention and prevention.

Consistently, she heard healthcare providers concerns about:

  • the awkwardness of broaching the subject of domestic violence,
  • the difficulty in seeing beyond their own personal biases and judgments,
  • their lack of clarity in therapeutic communications,
  • the impact of domestic violence on the health of their patients, and
  • the frustration of patients tossing the referral number, rather than acting on it.

Healthcare audiences repeatedly asked Dr. King to help them help their patients see what’s so obvious-looking from the outside in. Physicians and nurses nationwide wanted to know, “How do I shine light?” for patients who are being abused.

As a psychologist, it occurred to Dr. King that their difficulty in doing this was predominately because they hadn’t acquired the skill set necessary for awakening awareness under these circumstances.

The Broader Vision: … (full text).

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