Indian Association of Social Science Institutions IASSI

The Indian Association of Social Science Institutions IASSI was registered as a society under the Indian Societies Registration Act (1860) in 1979. It was established as a platform for bringing together academic organisations, involved in producing knowledge and information which could be relevant for resolving varieties of problems faced by society, in meaningful dialogues, exchange and cooperation … (full text Origin).

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Address: Prof.A.K.Dasgupta, Member Secretary,IASSI, IAMR, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi-110002, India;

OBJECTIVES: The IASSI has been set up primarily:  

  • to assist, facilitate and promote research and training activities, in particular, in relation to major problems calling for inter-disciplinary perspectives, through cooperation among institutions engaged in research and training in social sciences, and specially in the field of economic, social and technological development and change;
  • to facilitate exchange of information on research and training, as between institutions;
  • to facilitate cooperative arrangements for research and training, as between institutions, i.e. mutual arrangements for exchange of research and training personnel and of research study reports, survey and statistical data;
  • to encourage and assist formation of regional and local centres and study group from time to time, in cooperation with interested associations and institutes, for reviewing  progress in the development of research and training and for suggesting and exploring areas and problems calling for greater attention in the future on the part of social scientists and social science institutions;
  • to arrange for workshops and seminars from time to time on selected problems, specially on an inter-disciplinary nature, in cooperation with interested institutions and associations;
  • to promote greater sharing of infrastructure facilities among members of the association for research and training in statistical and empirical studies and investigations, for instance, in respect of statistical equipment, computers, library resources and conference facilities;
  • to arrange for periodical conferences of social scientists;
  • to publish news letters, reports and studies on  ongoing research and training developments and prospective needs and priorities for the information of member institutions and others interested;
  • to cooperate and exchange information and publications with other associations and organisation pursuing or interested in similar objectives and activities;
  • to foster the training of research workers in fields related to its   objects and to undertake training programmes.

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