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JustWorld International, a not-for-profit organization registered in the State of NY and in France, and has no religious or political affiliation.

JWI MISSION: JustWorld International is a non-governmental organization working as a catalyst for positive change in the developing world. Cooperating with local partners, JustWorld International implements sustainable, culturally sensitive projects that benefit underprivileged children.

JustWorld International trains and empowers international and local university student volunteers to create and realize these projects, providing them with hands-on experience in promoting social justice.

RECRUITMENT: JustWorld International recruits volunteers to work at humanitrian project sites including: Cambodia, Honduras,Senegal, and Kenya.

Our interns are chosen from a highly competitive applicant pool from over fifteen different countries. Once selected, student interns receive regular seminar training, in addition to individual coaching, from renowned experts in the following fields:

- ethics
- humanitarian aid
- assessment
- project development and management
- mediation
- fundraising
- communications
- team-building and facilitation

JustWorld Interns spend at least two months per year applying their training in the field. Interns are able to have a direct, positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children in each of the countries they work in. They also recruit local university students to sustain JustWorld initiatives year round, a process that empowers local youth leadership. All JustWorld interns, local and international, assess site and partner needs in an effort to adapt JWI’s contribution to the local setting on a regular basis.

JWI works closely with local partners in a dynamic, ongoing exchange at the following three sites:

JWI interns work with over 300 children at four orphanages.
- they distribute donated medicine under the supervision of a qualified nurse
- they provide English language instruction
- they disseminate basic health and hygiene information
- they build individual self-esteem through an arts curriculum
- they encourage community consolidation through team sports

JWI interns work in eight Senegalese villages
they interview village parents and children in French and Wolof to collect data on local human rights practices
- they facilitate a human rights dialogue at the village level
- they evaluate adherence to national human rights legislation
- they provide a photographic record of local festivities celebrating human rights successes

JWI’s largest site; interns work with a total of 3200 street children at four centers
- they have developed an arts curriculum to promote individual and community expression (wall murals, theatre, etc.)
- they teach basic literacy, social interaction and team building skills
they disseminate basic health and hygiene practices
- they foster self-sufficiency and environmental awareness through maintenance of vegetable and flower gardens

New Sites:
- two JWI interns have been selected by the Freeplay Foundation and Voice of America to assess the use of solar powered radio by teenagers at UN refugee camps in Tanzania
- six JWI interns have explored the possibility of future partnerships in India, Kenya, South Africa and Thailand.

JWI collaborates with well-known academic and corporate experts in the fields of development, humanitarian aid and leadership training. Over a dozen highly qualified individuals provide consulting, seminar training and one-on-one coaching to JWI interns and staff members.

Funding is generously provided by private foundations, individual donors and the Jump for a Just World equestrian initiative.

Our new Donors with a Difference program gives members the opportunity to work side by side with our student volunteers and partner organizations in Asia, Africa and Central America. Program members play an active role in elaborating JustWorld´s strategic planning and in determining how to empower young people in their search for social justice. (More on Just World International/Homepagehttp://www.justworldinternational.org/).

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