Fondation pour l’innovation politique

Linked with our presentation of Amsatou Sow Sidibé – Senegal, and RAFET – Senegal, and also Finding the Law: Islamic Law.

What is “Political Innovation”? – Political innovation, based upon an assessment of the present situation and future prospects, consists of:

suggesting new behaviors, new strategies, and new structures;

mobilizing public opinion around these new ideas in order to make them a reality.

What the Foundation does? – In France, innovation comes only rarely from the field. Our country and the rest of Europe are committed to the globalization process and therefore need, more than ever, enthusiastic support of those individuals—whether elected officials or simply citizens – who want to be political innovators.

The Foundation offers them resources to help them nurture their ideas, mainly by informing them about the politics, institutions and behaviors experienced in other countries.

It examines the latest global and social trends which are making it indispensable today for us to use our collective imagination.

The Foundation is a non-partisan interdisciplinary forum in which all those who wish to do so may voice their ideas and then strive to promote them.

The Foundation helps them, when applicable, to implement their projects in order to demonstrate their viability.

Principles and Methods:

The Foundation believes first and foremost in freedom and individual initiative.

It believes in patience and independence. Responsible innovation takes time, reflection, conflict, good advice and support from all sides. This is our way of working.

The Foundation recommends that those whom it supports use its methods: before initiating any proposal, do an international comparison, some field research and hold an open debate.

The Foundation encourages the audacity to dissent when necessary, but also realistic proposals (legal validity, compatibility with standards, and the option of building political support).

The Foundation seeks to promote political innovation in three areas: society, education and Europe. (See all and more on

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