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The Australasian Cochrane Centre is part of the Monash Institute of Health Services Research based at Monash University in Melbourne. The Centre was established in 1994 at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide and relocated to Melbourne in 1999 under the directorship of the late Professor Chris Silagy. Core funding is provided by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. The Centre has three branches that co-ordinate Cochrane activities in specific geographical areas: New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand … (about 1/2).

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Postal Address: Australasian Cochrane Centre, Monash Institute of Health Services Research, Monash Medical Centre, Locked Bag 29, Clayton VIC 3168, AUSTRALIA;
Streete Address: Australasian Cochrane Centre, Monash Institute of Health Services Research, 43-51 Kanooka Grove, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia;
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About 2/2: … Role of the Centre: The Centre aims to promote the equitable provision of effective health care in Australasia by facilitating the preparation and maintenance of systematic reviews and their dissemination and application to influence service provision and clinical practice. 

We aim to do this by:

  • promoting and supporting the involvement of Australasians in the Cochrane Collaboration
  • relating to government, health professionals and consumer groups in Australasia about the activities, scope and value of the Collaboration
  • fostering the development of new review groups and fields, particularly in areas of inequitable provision of health care
  • developing mechanisms and supporting the efforts of Australasians to identify evidence about the effects of health care
  • developing and co-ordinating training for review authors and users of reviews in Australasia
  • facilitating the dissemination and application of information about the effects of health care to communities, health professionals and policy makers
  • promoting research into the science of systematic reviews

In addition, as part of our responsibilities to the international Cochrane Collaboration, we aim to effectively link Cochrane activities in Australasia with the international effort.

The Centre hosts an annual meeting for Australasian contributors to the Cochrane Collaboration. The purpose of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for local Cochrane people to get together and to hear more about issues affecting review authors and staff of Cochrane entities. Meetings have been held annually since 2000 in several locations:

  • Melbourne, June 2000
  • Melbourne, June 2001
  • Melbourne, October 2002
  • Aspects of Evidence, Melbourne, March 2003
  • Sydney, June 2004
  • Cochrane Colloquium, Melbourne, October 2005
  • Adelaide, June 2006
  • Brisbane, July 2007
  • Hobart, May 2008

The Centre has hosted the Cochrane Colloquium – the Collaboration’s annual scientific and business meeting – on two occasions; the 4th Cochrane Colloquium in Adelaide in 1996 and the 13th Cochrane Colloquium in Melbourne in 2005.

Strategic Plan:

  • To read our Strategic Plan (2008-2009) click here.

The ACC serves as the reference centre for the following countries: … (full text).

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