The NGO Management School

Updated 2010-04-08: NGO Management School NMS, Switzerland.

The NGO Managment School gives courses which can be held wherever needed. The first three courses now are ready:

- Essentials of NGO Management (5 days),
- Project Proposals for Results (3 days), and
- Financial Management for Non-Finance Executives (3 days).

Managing and leading an NGO is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. More and more NGOs are coming to realize that a widening range of knowledge, skills and strategies are necessary to achieve results, to enhance their impact and to remain effective in the work they do. The NGO Management School (NMS) provides training for professional and effective NGO management. Together with local partner organisations, we bring management courses nearby to you and make training easily available to NGOs and other civil society organisations. We jointly organise and deliver courses that can be adapted to the needs of the participants and their organisations. NMS is a non-profit institution.

The focus of our training courses is on gaining a thorough understanding of key concepts of NGO management, sharpening practical skills and developing strategies that you can immediately use in your work. We address real-life problems in a participatory and interactive learning environment to help you enhancing your management capacity. Participating in our courses helps you to move forward in your job and career.

NMS assists your organisation in management capacity building and in strengthening organisational efficiency. We provide managers and leaders with what is needed to achieve their organisation’s objectives and to look beyond to contribute actively in developing new approaches for the communities they serve.

Overview of the NGO School of Management, 17 pages in pdf.

Partnership Approach.

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