Dignity Foundation

Senior Citizens Life Enrichment Services – Associate Member of AARP Global Network

Headquartered at Mumbai, Dignity Foundation is a NGO working for the cause and care of the older persons. Dignity Foundation was established in April 1995, to cater to the needs of the elderly, starting with the publication of the magazine Dignity Dialogue. Dignity Foundation is a charitable organisation under Societies Reg. Act 1860 GBBSD/97C. The Foundation is premised upon scientific developments in the fields of Geriatrics and Gerontology. It offers structural opportunities to exercise the choice of how to live young in chronologically advancing years… (about 1/2 /profile).

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Address: MUMBAI HEAD OFFICE, Dignity Foundation, BMC School Bld, Topiwala Lane, Grant Road, Mumbai 400 007. INDIA;
Map; Contact. Tel: 022-2389 8079; 022-2384 1845; E-mail.

About 2/2 /Mission

  • We will provide opportunities that inspire and motivate Seniors to lead active and meaningful lives post-retirement
  • We will facilitate seniors to derive self esteem i.e., dignity, through involving themselves in activities that promote “successful” ageing.
  • We will provide best-in-class social support systems (Elder Care, Housing, Companionship etc) that deliver care facilities for families where none exist
  • Provide a wide range of innovative services designed to enrich every aspect of the lives of Seniors.

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