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… Among the wide and unlimited information available on the web, our editorial team is consciously picking up the best alternatives to raise awareness about global issues and democratize information:

  • News on striking and non-conformist videos leading to debates and a better understanding
  • Information on sustainable development, humanitarian, social or environmental-oriented causes
  • Our Partners’ latest news
  • Alternative Channel events
  • News & tips on video making for the Web

Many more to come … and always freedom of speech! … (full text about AC blog).

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Address: Alternative Channel, North America, 5685, Fullum Street, Suite 103, Montreal, Qc, Canada H2G 2H6;
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About /Alternative Channel Presentation: Alternative Channel is the leading online video channel to communicate your corporate social responsibility.


  • Alternative Channel™ is a communication company on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Its mission is to collaborate with companies and organisations from civil society to improve and develop communication on sustainable development.
  • Alternative Channel also provides in partnership with Edu-performance, tailored training sessions on sustainable development to strengthen internal or external communication campaigns.
  • It operates its own specialized international web TV, an independent online video channel that delivers high quality motion picture content on sustainable development, and CSR: Alternative Channel TV.

Promote your action:

  • Alternative Channel is your platform to communicate your leadership on corporate social responsibility.
  • Alternative Channel disseminates your video content across the globe using the web, mobile devices and all other IP-based modes of communication.
  • Alternative Channel is currently available in 3 languages (English, Spanish and French) and its content is specific to whichever language is selected.
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Founders (Paul Allard & Hugues Cochard):

  • Paul ALLARD – Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Media Initiative (AMI, parent company of Alternative Channel and IPEXVIEW)
  • Mr. Allard has 17 years of experience starting and growing companies in technology and online media. In 1997, he created ZAQ Inc., an interactive television company. In 2006, he co-founded Alternative Media Initiative Inc., which saw the launch of two ventures in the online video space;, and
  • Alternative Channel™ offers an online platform to disseminate your message and gain visibility by videos, blogs, and videoblogs. Each year, Alternative Channel organizes an international forum devoted to the top-of-mind issues in social entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

More information about Alternative Channel: … (full text).

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