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The International ATTAC Movement was created at an international meeting in Paris, on December 11-12, 1998. The creation of the “international movement for democratic control of financial markets and their institutions” wants to respond to that dynamic. Referring to the platform, it forms a network, with neither “hierarchical” structures nor a geographical “center”. Pluralist, it is enriched by the variety of its components and makes the common action easier without limiting it in any way, nor dictating their freedom of contribution. It aims to reinforce, to link and to coordinate, at an international level, the contribution of all of its partners who see themselves as fitting within the structure of its platform. In the same way, it wishes to reinforce its cooperation with all the other networks whose objectives converge with its own.

Attac’s aim was to campaign against international financial speculation, specifically through the introduction of the Tobin Tax on moving money around the world. Branches of Attac were set up across Europe and the world, particularly after the Seattle protests of November 1999 … Attac must take the credit for spotting far in advance that the European Constitution represented a way of hard-wiring neo-liberalism into the continent’s political and economic structures. This record is impressive. It is therefore a matter for grave concern that Attac appears to have split. At the organisation’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Rennes a fortnight ago, two slates were put forward for the administrative council.

One was backed by Cassen and his close ally Jacques Nikonoff, the outgoing Attac president. The other was backed by the economist Susan George and Pierre Khalfa of the left union federation Solidaires. After the election – which marked a victory for the Cassen-Nikonoff slate – Susan George and her allies declared they were suspending their participation in Attac’s leading bodies on the ground of “anomalies” in the vote count. Susan George told the paper Libération, “I have been shocked by the sectarian and aggressive atmosphere at the AGM. Those of us supporting a collective leadership have been booed, Nikonoff’s supporters shouted when we spoke and applauded their president wildly” … (read the rest on Socialist Worker).


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attac france:

Fondée en 1998, attac france (Association pour la Taxation des Transactions pour l’Aide aux Citoyens) promeut et mène des actions de tous ordres en vue de la reconquête, par les citoyens, du pouvoir que la sphère financière exerce sur tous les aspects de la vie politique, économique, sociale et culturelle dans l’ensemble du monde. Mouvement d’éducation populaire, l’association produit analyses et expertises, organise des conférences, des réunions publiques, participe à des manifestations … Fin 2004, Attac est présente dans une cinquantaine de pays ; Attac France compte 30 000 membres dont 1 000 personnes morales et 215 comités locaux. Il existe une coordination d’élus Attac à l’assemblée nationale, au sénat et au parlement européen. L’association est dirigée par un conseil d’administration de 30 membres élus par les adhérents, et dispose de l’expertise d’un conseil scientifique de 110 membres. Voir aussi les sous-rubriques comme: Campagnes; ou Savoirs; ou aussi Evènements, et Contact.

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