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A website full of links – hundreds or more  – for aging items and helps. Just good advices (comment Heidi).

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About and Contact: What Is ThirdAge? 

ThirdAge Inc. is a leading online lifestage media, marketing and consumer insight company exclusively focused on serving baby boomers. Through strategic partnerships and integrated advertising campaigns, we help companies build lasting relationships with our audience.

Over the last decade, ThirdAge has built a loyal and trusting community of individuals intent on living life to it’s fullest. They return to ThirdAge for content that is relevant and useful to their changing lives. ThirdAge provides informative and insightful content on topics that matter most: Health & Wellness, Family & Friends, Relationships & Sex, Money & Work, Beauty & Style and Travel & Pastimes. More than 1,000,000 unique visitors come to ThirdAge every month and close to 1,000,000 subscribers receive our customized newsletters each week.

ThirdAge has spent over a decade listening, learning and developing a trusted relationship with all its constituents. The company is committed to providing valuable content, products and services, now integrated with community forums and new tools, enabling ThirdAgers to easily connect and share with other like-minded people.

Who Are ThirdAgers?

  • Today there are 112 million people over the age of 45. This powerful block of ThirdAgers, many in transition, comprise nearly 40 percent of the population and control the majority of the buying power in the United States. Boomer spending is projected to increase $800 billion to over $4.6 trillion by 2015; and over 65 million boomers are online — that’s 1/3 of the total 195.3 million web users in the US.
  • 78 million Baby Boomers alone, those born between 1946 -1964, control over 80% of personal financial assets and more than 50% of discretionary spending power. They are:
  • Responsible for more than half of all consumer spending, buy 77% of all prescription drugs, 61% of OTC medication, and spend $500 million on vacations per year and 80% of all leisure travel.
  • The highest earners – median household income is 55% greater than post-Boomers and 61% more than pre-Boomers.
  • The best educated of any previous group – 28.5% holding a bachelor’s degree or higher and 45 million boasting some college.
  • The largest homeowner group – 80% of Boomers vs. 69% of the general population own a home and 25% own at least one property in addition to their primary residence.
  • Baby Boomers and ThirdAgers are not a market niche. They ARE the new customer majority.

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