The World Association of Early Childhood Educators (AMEI-WAECE) will focus on “Education For Peace From Infancy” at their

First World Congress in Albacete, Spain, April 20-22, 2007.

Dr. Koichiro Matsuura, UNESCO General Director, affirmed that it is important that young minds are guided “to the virtues of tolerance, mutual understanding and peace, not only in action, but also in thought and expression・ …


• Establish Early, Initial or Preschool Education as the base and first link for all the educational systems. Only with early childhood education can we achieve a peaceful world.

• Highlight the stage of initial and preschool education as the best time to model a harmonious personality in children as well as to provide them with education in values as this is the time when they are shaped in children.

• Make available for teachers, pedagogical and methodological procedures to help them instill in children norms, values, concepts and behaviors that foster the attainment of peace and the rejection of violence as essential components of their personality. We propose a continuous work with the children to influence any future actions on their part, to pass on values that remain with them for life.

• To make the world aware, from Albacete , of the fact that only with quality, global education, full of values in the widest sense of the term, can we achieve a better world.

• To call on Supranational Institutions and Governments to provide the necessary resources and to work so that all the children in the world, without distinction of race, color, sex, language, religion, national or social origin, economic situation, birth or any other condition, have access to the quality education they deserve just for being children, and from the moment of their birth. (Read all the rest on this link).

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