First Unique Social Networking Site for Indians aged 55 Years and Above Living in India and Abroad

The name Verdurez  has been chosen from the noun verdure which means greenness, especially of fresh, flourishing vegetation, freshness in general; flourishing condition; vigour. We passionately believe that life doesn’t come to a slow grinding halt as you get older. Au contraire, a new phase in life begins which can flourish with vigour and freshness … (full text about).

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Networking For Older Indians, Social Networking Website India: Social networking websites have exploded in popularity in recent years, starting with younger people connecting with other kids on the Internet. Now, the trend has expanded to include technology savvy older Indians. At Verdurez, we offer a unique networking opportunity for older Indians to meet other people, join a group, build a network of friends or even find a job. 

In the age of modern technology, social networking isn’t just for the youth. Seniors around the world are embracing technologies and connecting with people in the same country or across the globe. Our senior discussion forums are a great place to connect with old friends, meet new friends and build your social network. Engage in interesting conversations, reminisce or discuss important issues and events with other members in our forums and groups.

Soon, Verdurez will have a Job Board. This will offer a great networking opportunity for senior Indians, whether looking for employment or interested in recruiting a more mature, dedicated work force. Research has shown abundant benefits for companies hiring older workers with the experience and commitment, which results in higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Networking is a great way to find opportunities in the area of your career.

The areas devoted to networking for senior Indians are open to members of our community. Registration is free, takes only a minute or two and offers a range of social networking opportunities for older Indian people living in India or any country. Just fill in our online form and you can immediately begin to meet other people and build a network of friends.

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