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Linked with our presentations of Stanislavka Zajovic – Serbia and (now independent) Montenegro, and of March across the Nullarbor, and of Women in Black – worldwide.

Women living under Muslim Laws WLUML had 0n February 24, 2004, an International conference, organized by Women in Black, Belgrade and the Women’s Center, Leskovac.

As part of the emancipating, internationalist, anti-fascist women’s peace movement, we maintain the tradition of marking the 8th of March – International Women’s Day: for women’s labor rights, for women’s solidarity and for women’s human rights. During the war period (1991-1999), Women in Black organized anti-war and anti-regime demonstrations as well as many other activities. On the occasion of March 8th, 2003, Women in Black, together with Women’s Studies and Filonus, the Students’ Association of the Philosophy department of Belgrade University, organized an international conference in Belgrade (on March 7th, 8th and 9th), entitled “Let us globalize solidarity and social justice”, as well as many other activities, involving more than 100 women from Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. At this conference, we agreed to organize activities marking the 8th of March every year. In accordance with our policy of decentralized activities, mutual support and solidarity, it was agreed that Women in Black, Belgrade and the Women’s Center, Leskovac will organize all activities for the occasion of March 8th 2004, with Leskovac being the center of activities, with the full support and cooperation of the women’s peace network. (Read all the rest on this page of WLUML).

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