International Network of Engineers and Scientists’ Project on Ethics INESPE

A one page website – with links to past Symposia/Courses and Publications by Antje Bultmann and Tom Børsen Hansen – Linked on our blogs with INES, and with INESAP.

INESPE is a registred project under International Network of Engineers and Scientists for global repsonsibility INES.

  • The INESPE network is lead by Ph.D. Tom Børsen, an Associate Professor at Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy at Copenhagen Institute of Technology.
  • INESPE is an international research network on science, engineering, and technology ethics. The network has as its purpose to undertake research and teaching activities in that area on an international level in collaboration with relevant partners. Our activities fall in three categories.


  • organizes symposia and lectures on ethical issues related to the practise and teaching of modern technoscience,
  • offers international and transdisciplinary PhD courses on techno-scientific ethics, and
  • does consultancy work on ethical issues related to the scientific and technological development and practise.

Homepage and Contact. – Link to SINAPSE, a web communication platform.

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