International Holistic Tourism Education Centre IHTEC

resp. International School Peace Gardens ISPG;

  • IHTEC is dedicated to developing programs and curriculum for Global Sustainability Education for the Global Commons, that educate young people through “Tourism as a vital force for Peace”. (Homepage).
  • The aim of the International Holistic Tourism Education Centre© (IHTEC) is to foster a “Culture of Peace Through Tourism” , using concepts that promote “Holistic Tourism Education (H.T.Ed.)” … (full text Mission).

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Address: International Holistic Tourism Education Centre IHTEC, 3343 Masthead Crescent, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 1G9;

About: IHTEC is dedicated to developing Global Sustainability Education programs that educate young people through “Tourism as a Vital Force for Peace”. 

IHTEC responds to the urgencies of a world faced with escalating violence, widespread deprivation and environmental degradation.

IHTEC is supporting Global Sustainability Education programs in classrooms, schools and communities in 50 locations world-wide, assisting educators in conflict resolution and reducing vandalism.

Equally committed to environmental sustainability, IHTEC stimulates eco-restoration plans and programs by supporting heritage sites, marine environments and walking trails. Through persistent leadership and encouragement, IHTEC has developed a world-wide network of associates, linked by Web-site and electronic messaging, and nurtured with locally prepared resources where possible.

Innovative and realistic, IHTEC has become an acclaimed vehicle of peace-building and protecting the environment within communities around the world … (full text).

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