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In 2009 it has become clear that the United States government intends to maintain a military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan indefinitely … (Homepage 1/2).

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Homepage 2/2: … These violent occupations are directly connected with the ambitions of US political and corporate leaders to control, to the degree possible, oil and gas resources in the Middle East and Central Asia, and to establish permanent military bases in these regions to influence politics and commerce there.

Although the wars generated by these occupations are costing the US trillions of dollars, and every day killing hundreds of Iraqis, Afghanis and Americans, the general public in the US is not directly touched by the wars and is shielded from the reality of these wars by cowardly self-censorship by the press of images of human casualties. Viewing the internet, television and print media would lead one to believe that the only casualties of the wars are cars and trucks.

Consumers for Peace is going to begin sending its Big Three Oil Boycott message in a more focused way directly to the people who are most affected by the US government’s policy of enforced occupation, those of us who are in the US military.

If you would like boycott material to distribute the US military personnel, please contact us (also) by e-mail … (full text Homepage).

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